Friday, March 20, 2015

Easy & Inexpensive Bookcase Makeover!

Happy first day of spring!

I finally got around to giving our bookcase a makeover, and I am so pleased with the results!  We purchased this bookcase from Target a few years ago.  At the time, we were searching for a smaller bookcase that would accommodate our smaller den, and I insisted that this was "the one".  My husband agreed to the purchase.  Unfortunately, a few months after the purchase I began to question my decision.  I felt the espresso color was too dark for our home and wished I had chosen a lighter color.  I hinted at painting it several times but was too afraid to ruin the piece so I just let it be.  I tried styling it differently over and over and it never seemed right.  Have you encountered something similar?  That moment when you move too quickly on a purchase and later regret it?

Everything changed when I decided to use my leftover Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to give this piece a little makeover.  I was determined to end my love/hate relationship with this bookcase once and for all.  There were some issues that came up during the process (such as not enough paint) but this setback quickly turned into an even better makeover than I had originally anticipated.  

Here is a before look.

Here is the bookcase mid-makeover.  Here I used Annie Sloan ChalkPaint in Old White.

I wasn't pleased with the result, so I used some leftover paint we had in our garage from when we had our cabinets painted white.  Still, I wasn't happy with the look of the bookcase and knew it needed a little something.  I contemplated using wallpaper or wrapping paper to cover the back, but that was until I saw Megan Brown's picture of her beautiful hutch on my Instagram feed.  She has awesome home decor style and her projects are simply amazing, check out her account!   I immediately reached out to her and asked her what type of wood she used.  She kindly answered my question within a few minutes and told me it was inexpensive shims from Home Depot, score!  

Work in progress...

Here she is in all her new found glory....

Isn't awesome what a little paint and some inexpensive cedar shims can do to a piece of furniture?  I can't wait to see what my next project is going to be!  Thanks to Megan for the inspiration!

Check out my video below to see the process.  This project was so easy and very inexpensive.  I ended up using two of the three blocks of shims and have plenty wood glue left for other projects.  If you are looking to spruce up a piece of furniture, I highly recommend that you give this project a try. You will love the end result!  Also, this project doesn't require any previous wood work experience so it is perfect for a novice like myself.  :) 

Happy first day of spring.  I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!


Friday, February 27, 2015

Furniture Makeover Using Annie Sloan Chalkpaint!

I finally painted my very first piece of furniture (or two!) and love the results!  My husband surprised me a few weeks ago with a gift certificate valid for one quart of Annie Sloan Chalkpaint, and I just about jumped out of my skin from pure joy when I saw the gift certificate!  Okay, maybe I didn't jump out of my skin, but I did do the happy dance I tend to do when I get super excited about something.  :)

And of course I had to document the exciting moment and share it with all of you.  I did a decent amount of research on the different colors, techniques, and finishes before purchasing my first quart of paint. After much thought, I decided to go with Old White as my paint color for the nightstands in our bedroom.  I didn't realize it at the time but a little does go along way.  After painting both nightstands I realized I had enough paint to give our large bedroom mirror a makeover.  All three pieces turned out amazing!  The entire process was incredibly easy and I didn't ruin the furniture, that is a win-win for me.   The paint may be expensive, but I like the fact that there is very little prep work and the results were incredible.  I can't thank my husband enough for such a thoughtful gift. :)

If you would like to see what my first experience was like using Annie Sloan Chalkpaint then check out my video below!  I totally see myself painting a few more pieces in the future. :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed weekend!


Monday, February 9, 2015

DIY - Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Last week I decided it was time to do something I had been wanting to do for a very long time - make my own burlap wreath.  For some strange reason I always thought that making these types of wreaths was difficult and very time consuming.  As it turns out, making this wreath was the complete opposite, it was so simple so make and I was done in less than 15 minutes.  Not too bad, huh? I started with a simple and basic wreath but burlap wreaths are so versatile.  They can be decorated with just about anything and adapted to every season.  I don't know why I didn't do this sooner.  

If you are interested in making your very own burlap wreath, then check out my quick tutorial below.  It only took a few (fairly) inexpensive materials.  

Here is the final look!

Live simply,


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Everyday Kitchen Tag!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

We had a fun-filled weekend!  My mom and sister stopped by on Saturday to visit and then on Sunday my in-laws came over for dinner.  We love inviting family/friends over for dinner or simply to chat and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea, especially now that we have Micah.  It's amazing to see how much joy this little angel brings to everyone who meets him.  Our goal is for Micah to see family as often as possible because he is growing up so fast.  He will be turning 1 in just a few short months, crazy!

Also, I posted my very first tag video on all things kitchen-gadgets related.  If you have a few moments to spare, then head on over to my channel or click the video below and check it out!

What has been the one kitchen gadget you have purchased that was a total waste of money?  I'm curious to see what others have purchased because I've purchased my share.

I hope everyone has a blessed and productive week!


Friday, January 23, 2015

New Year, New Adventures

Hello everyone and Happy (belated) New Year!

Welcome back to my little blog.  I went on an extended yet unplanned sabbatical from my blog but I am back!

Allow me to explain...

In all honesty - I'm about to get real with you - I allowed my fears and doubts get the best of me (along with moving, the holidays, and raising a little baby).  I truly enjoy writing about topics that interest me and that is why I started this blog.  Unfortunately, I came to a point where I kept comparing my blog, style, home decor, ideas, etc., with everyone else in the blogosphere.  Especially the amazing and professional bloggers that I love to follow.  It's quite unfortunate and something that is difficult for me to admit, but it happened.  After much thought and prayer (along with positive encouragement from my wonderful husband), I've decided to do this for me and continue posting as it is a positive outlet for me.  I'm not sure if you can relate, but I thank you for reading my blog and supporting me through this journey.

As you will learn, I wasn't completely absent from the home decorating realm.  As I quietly walked away from blogging, I decided to start a new hobby that had been on my mind for a long time.   But when I say a long time I really mean a long, long time.  One day I simply decided to bite the bullet (if you will) and start a new Youtube channel.   I started this channel to share my love for simple and affordable home decor, easy yet budget-friendly recipes, organizing tips, DIY projects, fun tags, favorite products, lessons I've learned as a new stay-at-home mom, and so much more.  I have so many ideas that I can hardly wait to share them with you!

If you are interested in seeing what I have been up to, I am posting my last two videos below for your viewing pleasure.  It has been such a great experience so far, and I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed posting videos for the past 6 months. I'm still very much new to the game but I can't wait to learn more!

Easy and healthy Pumpkin Pie Mug Cake!

Updated House Tour With Before and After Pics!

I would really like to hear your feedback regarding this new adventure, so please feel free to share your thoughts below.  As always, thank you for reading/watching and I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.